Prayer for America



For when two or three come together in my name, there I am with them. -Matthew 18:20

Partners in Prayer
We are starting a prayer ministry in our church called “Partners in Prayer.” Below is an outline of how you can be involved in helping our church grow through this ministry.

Prayer Partners – At the breakfast we will be praying for you to find a prayer partner. A prayer partner is someone who can meet and pray with you weekly for one year. You will be praying about the needs of our pastor, J.J., deacons, our church body, and your own needs as prayer partners.

Sanctuary Prayer – This is prayer before services on Sunday morning in the church sanctuary.

Praying with the Pastor – At 10:30am Sunday morning after Sunday school, we meet together with the pastor to lift him up in prayer to the Lord.

Upper Room Prayer – This is where we have a small team of people praying in another room for the Holy Spirit to be working while pastor is preaching.

This new ministry of “Partners in Prayer” is a tool for our Lord to make our church strong and unified through the power of prayer.

Ladies Prayer
All ladies of the church are invited to Ladies Prayer on Tuesday mornings at 9:00am. Come experience the power of prayer as we pray for the needs of the church and our personal prayer requests.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
Join this weekly, church-wide prayer service on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm.

New Church in Schererville – Fellowship of Grace
We have realized God’s plan to start a new church in Schererville. Terry & Greta Stockman have come up to start the planning and research process. Be in prayer that we will follow God’s direction on this new outreach.

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